Episode 3

Published on:

7th Apr 2020

Rethinking the way we work

The Coronavirus crisis has forced massive changes on the way we work. What can lockdown working teach us about building a better brand experience?

This episode:

Why is the colleague experience so important?

An introduction to the three components of great brand experience.

1) Customer experience

2) Colleague experience

3) Operational enablers - the tools to do the job.

A cautionary tale about poor colleague experience.

  • A much-loved heritage cheese brand neglects its colleague experience with devastating results.

What the Coronavirus can teach us about the colleague experience.

1) Distance. Do we need to be in the office?The modern office is a product of the Industrial Revolution, and doesn't reflect the changing nature of work and “the declining cost of distance”. Do we need to be in the office?

2) Decompression. The emergency brakes have just been slammed on our just-in-time 21st century lives, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. How slowing down and allowing ourselves time to think will improve our quality of life and produce better work.

3) Dispensing with the digital distinction. In the modern workplace there shouldn't be a distinction between colleague experience (physical) and colleague experience (digital). They just need the right tools to do their jobs. Why the lockdown is the ultimate acid test for how future proof your business is.

A persuasive tale about good colleague experience.

  • A much-loved heritage cheese brand creates a best in class colleague experience that sees them through the greatest crisis of their 450 years of history.
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The Total Experience Podcast
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Welcome to the Total Experience podcast from Tribal London - a podcast about brand experience. What it is, how it works and how we can all do it better. Each episode we’ll be bringing you enticing, fresh and thought-provoking perspectives as we go deep on a new and different aspect of brand experience.

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The Total Experience Podcast is hosted by Richard Cable, former BBC journalist and now Head of Content at Tribal London, the Total Experience agency.

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