Episode 10

Published on:

29th Jun 2020

Now everything's f***ed, what's next?

It's the question that's on everyone's lips. We map out the role for brands and brand experience in building a brave new world.

In this episode:

We wrap up Season 1 of the Total Experience Podcast a.k.a. 'Brand Experience in the Age of Corona' by looking at what brands can do to shape our uncertain future in a positive way. With Richard Cable.

A frame of reference

  • The hero's journey
  • The region of supernatural wonder
  • The Spanish Flu of 1918, the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the global protests of 1968 all rolled into one
  • A world facing economic catastrophe, global pandemic, racial injustice and inequality

Planning for total victory

  • Why it's not ridiculous to talk about brand experience at a time like this.
  • Constructive thinking
  • Seismic change
  • History's horrible precedents
  • Shaping the world for good

The bandwagon is the place to be

  • Brands and social progress
  • Courageous individuals and grassroots movements - George Floyd and the humiliation of Donald Trump
  • The purpose of a brand
  • Embracing, normalising and amplify positive change.
  • Brand purpose is still bollocks
  • Creating bandwagons of our own
  • Branded cynicism
  • Aligning what you do and what you say

Revenge spending and the slump to come

  • Lockdown easing and rising optimism
  • "Revenge spending"
  • Government debt and small to medium business meltdown

Where brands add value

  • Enterprise value and powerful brands
  • Recklessness of neglecting your brand

Why brand experience is so important: brand, people, touchpoints and creative


  • Digital transformation and innovation
  • The inherent dangers of short-termism and neglecting your brand
  • Adidas as one to watch


  • Radically altered customer demographics - new skills, asymmetrical effects, the positive effects of lockdown


  • Reweighting your brand ecosystem
  • The rise of social commerce
  • The re-rise of AR and VR
  • Only as strong as your weakest touchpoint


  • Crises and creativity
  • Creative red herrings
  • Glitz and glamour vs grit and grime
  • The birth of the anti-hero
  • Smashing shibboleths


  • The positive role for brands in unfucking the world
  • Being on the right side of history
  • The engine of recovery

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About the Podcast

The Total Experience Podcast
A podcast about brand experience - what it is, how it works and how we can all do it better. Edited and hosted by Richard Cable.
Welcome to the Total Experience podcast from Tribal London - a podcast about brand experience. What it is, how it works and how we can all do it better. Each episode we’ll be bringing you enticing, fresh and thought-provoking perspectives as we go deep on a new and different aspect of brand experience.

Our aim in creating this podcast is to take the good conversations we have about brand experience with our clients, our colleagues and other people whose opinions we value, from inside and outside the industry, and share them with a wider audience.

The Total Experience Podcast is hosted by Richard Cable, former BBC journalist and now Head of Content at Tribal London, the Total Experience agency.

We hope you find this podcast useful and interesting. We’d love you to get involved and let us know how we’re doing and the sort of things you’d like us to cover in future episodes.

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