Episode 6

Published on:

4th May 2020

What we can learn from America

The US has always had a special relationship with brands. We ask if we should be looking to the US for leadership, or vice versa?

In this episode:

Leigh Baker, founder of New York creative brand consultancy we@leighbaker, talks to us about the different approaches US and UK brands have taken to the Coronavirus crisis and what we can learn from both.

How the US does brands differently

  • Marketing at scale
  • Immediate impact
  • The hard sell
  • Wearing your heart on your sleeve

The US special relationship with brands

  • The Super Bowl
  • Clint Eastwood and "It's half time for America"

Brands stepping into the breach

  • Weak institutions leaving a vacuum

The 3 different approaches of American brands

  • Branding the moment - Nike
  • Do something, but what? - American banks
  • Good, honest promotional utility - Burger King

The US reaction to the crisis

  • Why American brands don't stop
  • Creative perils of group think 
  • Lockdown fatigue and reactive marketing

Green shoots of a new US brand behaviour

  • A shift in tone - the new optimism
  • It's OK to be funny - Geico
  • Hard times and escapism

What the US can learn from the UK

  • Brand experience beyond the advertising
  • Getting your digital act together
  • A unified response from strong institutions
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